The Great Awakening

This is my first blog post in KDiaries. It serves more of a placeholder than anything else. Why did I name this the Great Awakening? Because this is the time so many people can finally see what is going on. We are breaking free from the matrix of untruth - media, social media, talking points, propaganda as a society. We see so many people still stuck, we have a job. It requires kindness and patience, for when they do see...they are going to freak out! It is going to be devastating to them and we can help make it less hurtful if done right.

2020 is all about waking up. I was awakened over a decade ago and have been fighting to get the truth out there every day. It has been hard and painful. I have lost friends and have dear family members who won't talk to me right now because of my beliefs and resolve to stand firm and fight for truth.

My mother asked me if it was worth being "right" over forgiving. This question was posed after a discussion about my dearest son who is angry with me right now. He and his girlfriend are on the liberal side. She is militant about it. He is swept up. She yelled at me and kicked me out of their house over a conversation I was having with my son which went against her narrative. She is of that generation who seems to have lost morals and God. She admits she is an atheist which in itself explains why she is so empty.

To me, I already forgave. I forgive my son for taking sides because I don't want to live in the world where there are sides and I love my son more than anything in the world! And, I do feel there are important lessons in life people need to learn. The hard lesson of betrayal is my sons lesson. I am not letting this woman back into our family's world without an apology. That is the lesson she must learn if she plans to make peace with her boyfriends family. If she chooses to not apologize then she will keep the family divided and my son will never stand for that over a long term. Irt will be their relationship demise. Sad. There is a cute little girl who will get hurt the most.

She will be hard to awaken. So will my son. But there are millions and millions of others who are and will awaken to the truth. Free will, freedom to say and do what yo believe in without fear of being bullied. Free thoughts! Free speech! God wins!

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